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Simply personalize all interactions with our customers and partners in your network .

Meet the expectations of your customers’

Easy to use, efficient, settled, simultaneous, scalable, with a small CARBON footprint, Solomco is THE solution to satisfy your consumers’ needs and let you improve your customer’s relationship.

One solution for stores, web and mobile phone

For a successful business, two ingredients are required: one single and complete app to manage at the same time stores and e-shopS, working in network with others stores to create a dynamic environment for a district, a city and a specific area.


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Customer Relationship

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Finance monitoring

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IT technology

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To whom

From local store to multinational enterprise

Scalable, worldwide (language, currency, taxes in and out, management rules, limits, minimum thresholds can be settled by country, state, website network), personalized on your cloud, or at home, Solomco adapts to evey type and size of businesses, then lead you on manage the market evolutions or the ones from your own business. Read more

You offer your customers the possibility to consult all partner sites in the same application, place an order with products from multiple merchants, filter products according to their choices (local, bio, fair, second-hand, 100% cotton …), identify the shops around him that have in stock such type of product, view available offers (discounts, good buys, discoveries …) and use them or not, be informed of news or events, reserve a product in a shop for testing, pre-purchase visualization … and many other possibilities.

This network business respects the autonomy and independence of each of the actors.


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City areas

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