Solomco is a software publisher

Integration and hosting are carried out by partners / integrator / Solomco.

Our circle focuses on relationship with consumers, retailers, and suppliers. A triangular link can be created at the retailer instigation which keeps the control of the partnership. Read more

NWe build solutions for all Merchants (from the multinational to the neighborhood trade) for the management of all their interactions with their consumers, to allow them to know the use of their merchant site (page visited, products viewed, shopping cart, withdrawal, abandonment, etc.) to better anticipate, to help them in their transfer to network commerce.

From the moment of connection, selected indicators allow you a synthetic view of your activity. Configurable control panels provide immediate access to the most relevant information for your business.

LSimplicity of use, flexibility, scalability, adaptation to each business, the unique store solution, web, mobile… are the main assets of Solomco.

We build solutions for Consumers to facilitate responsible consumption or consumption in accordance with the values of each consumer (by crossing their choice and product information to inform them of a difference), to use a Network Commerce without the constraints of its complexity.

We provide integrators (for projects requiring it) with a solution allowing a gradual migration and a rarely reached configuration level (after training, the integrator is autonomous for his implementation project).

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