IT Technology

For any kind of business, Solomco can be entirely set up to respond to your expectations (digital support, document, management rules, data).

Solomco respects the standards (API, web …) and can therefore be interfaced with other solutions respecting them.

Low carbon footprint

Innovative, working with your cloud or on premise, Solomco can manage from a local store to worldwide. Operating in centralized and /or distributed mode (the app is settled on your machines) Solomco’s power requirements are very low, this saving significant technological resources (servers, networks, etc…) and an overall cost (computer hosting, operation, maintenance …) low up to 50% compared to multiple non-integrated solutions. Read More

This carbon footprint reduction is possible thanks to the way the heart of the Solomco application is built. This reduction will be permanent even when the Solomco solution is enriched with new features.

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