You have the latest technology tools, simple to use to define and test your omnichannel offers before the production process, the highlight of your new products, services as well as communication on your events, birthdays …

Solomco gives you communication support (mails, coupons, receipts…) adapted with your activity and customers.

Managing your Trade marketing

Solomco will provide a large range of loyalty programs (Mixed with your partners or not, on points or money (CASH ?), on visits, purchases, etc…), your marketing action activities (instant or differed discounts, couponing, fundraising … ).

Managing your e-shop

Solomco provides you a customizable e-commerce site (mobile and web) by customer profile (defined by your criteria). We offer you a website that complies with the market standards. If you already have a complied website, obviously we can integrate Solomco without increasing your workload.

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