City areas

For communities wishing to boost stores and local businesses, neighboUrhood, region or state, they can provide traders, producers, farmers… a solution for a unified sales orders for all products withdrawal features, delivery, click and collect for all products and services ( pickup and delivery modalities) Read more

VYou thus create a market place allowing you to compete with certain perimeters of the major e-commerce companies, while not adding any additional workload to the participating merchants.

Independance and community

Solomco provides a complete package of services to customers by respecting autonomy and independance of each.

If the community whishes so, it can provide a unified pick up place for every retailer, receive payment from consumers and distribute it, set up a global loyalty program applied to all retailers in omnichannel, communicate about community events, and any other ideas to improve the local area. These services can be automated (lockers with integrated CCard payment, identifications on mobile phones…) to reduce costs.

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