A solution which let you manage your store (product referencing, merchandise delivery, the undelivered items and conflicts, payment, shipping return, delivery schedule, orders in transit) and automatically have an accessible merchant site directly from your website or mobile phone. It can be interfaced with your existing website. ( subject to comply with the standards) ou desactivated ( in this case you are using your own site)

Orders and stock management

The orders preparation, their follow-up the stock management, reservations are also available in the same solution. Solomco allows to make an appointment to pick up, try on, assistance for an IT purchase etc.

Managing your customers

A one-to-one chat thanks to the loyalty program, promotions, and communication management. You maximize your time while having a clear overview of your gains and cost.

Your network management

Without any other IT solution to add, you can easily integrate products and services (delivery, touch up, food prep…) from your partners to serve even better your customers from all your stores.

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